Fantini, for 4 generations

The company is established in the early 1900s by the founder Guglielmo Fantini. The first workshop is opened in a building in Via Giordano (corner Via del Sale)    

The idea of the first shock absorber with a self-adjustable valve was born and patented later in 1949

As far as the inland waterway transport sector was concerned, a rowing oar is patented. It is aimed at the onward movement by rowing backward.

From the 50s to the 70s 
The company is handed down to Guglielmo’s sons, Cesare and Vittorio. They focus on the realisation and the maintenance of agricultural machineries    

Guglielmo Fantini (son of Vittorio) undertakes a path leading to a progressive expansion of the company. He starts to design and build special machines for food industry 

Guglielmo Fantini starts to hire employees. Moreover, he decides to relocate the company headquarter, which was moved to Via de’ Berenzani in Cremona where it still is. Over the years, he manages to expand both the warehouse and the offices; he also introduces some innovative technologies as well as a new organisational structure that empowers the company to open towards new markets

The Fantini family keeps its own tradition in the field of the construction of special industry machinery, bringing our clients’ ideas to life

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