In an increasingly complex, competitive and variable world, it is crucial that the production plants become more and more performing and reliable. Moreover, it is important that the working staff in charge to make them run and maintain becomes increasingly trained and knowledgeable.

With the aim of assisting the Client during this process, Meccanica Fantini offers a team of experienced technicians that are able to prepare a plan dedicated to the periodical maintenance work as well as on-call interventions and spare parts warehouse management. Moreover, Meccanica Fantini offers the chance to organize the maintenance operations under the supervision of its own qualified and trained technicians.

In addition, Meccanica Fantini shall provide digital solutions for the production data collection as well as monitoring solutions for the efficiency of the systems. These solutions enable the Clients to be provided with analytical tools concerning the performance levels of the machineries in order to support and facilitate the processes of improvement and productive development.

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